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The body is not made of artificial ingredients, so it does not need them. Odori prepares 100%-natural home and personal care products that are effective, gentle, fragrant, safe and healthy, friendly to your skin, nature and even your washing machine. They do not contain phosphates, preservatives, colorants, alcohols, enzymes and other additives.


Herbs and flowers from the Ljubljana Marshes are harvested, squeezed and ground to obtain valuable oils and essences which are offered to you in eco-friendly reusable packaging.

It is essential that the ingredients are not overheated so that all the active substances of the extracts are retained.

Most of the ingredients are prepared, grown and made by us. We research and test technological procedures, correct sequences, temperatures and processes. We have our own herb garden and our own apiary.
Whenever possible, our products are vegan, and all are made without hurting animals in any way.


Invite the abundance of Nature with Odori and let it take care of you, while making sure that you repay her with eco-friendly, refillable packaging.

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