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Our goal is to develop all the products you need for home and personal care.

Vegan Products

All marked products are certified and enable traceability to the origin of the ingredients

Refill Packaging Forms

We strive to make all our products reusable.

Refil - More and more people are realizing that refilling packaging is a must for the future of us all. That is why at Odori, we are changing the way things are made and how they are offered to you. We are looking for new ways to offer you packaging that can be refilled with our products in a simple and affordable way.


What you do in your home has a huge impact on the environment. With Odori, you can live worry-free while at the same time taking care of your home and the environment. 100%-natural products support your healthy lifestyle starting at home. And how can you make sure that you take care of your home in the best way possible? When you don’t need to think about the inconvenience associated with many other cleaning products. When what you use in your home minimally affects you, your family and the environment. But all this without compromising efficiency. A clean home, a clean world.

Face and body

If we want to take care of the environment and our family, we need to take care of ourselves – Odori helps you with that. All our skin-pampering and skincare products are 100% natural. What can be better for your skin than 100% natural products? Um … perhaps to worry about using even more natural products. Really. Because living in harmony with nature also means indulging yourself with our top personal products for personal care, guilt-free and with a firm conviction that what you use really cares for you and the environment. Shiny hair, soft skin, pleasant scent.


Perfect vegan care for your home and your personal care is of utmost importance to Odori. We mostly offer you products that are not of animal origin and no animal was hurt for the development of any of our products which are also safe from harmful chemicals and help you reduce your environmental footprint. Taking care of you, your loved ones and your home in the most natural and healthy way. Wonderful.


Undoubtedly the most sustainable material in the world that can be endlessly recycled.


We strive to make all our products reusable.

Ecological packaging

Eco-friendly aluminum packaging has a high capacity for transformation; it is easy to adjust, with little impact on the environment.

Peel-off label

All labels are made of special material that can be easily peeled off and separated from the packaging.


We are looking for exclusively environmentally friendly refillable product packaging.


We are constantly improving our packaging and looking for technological solutions to make it even more environmentally friendly.